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About Us


Who Are We?

We are the team behind the website, forum and blog. We are responsible for assisting in the promotion of the Annual show, starting from 2019, and we are enthusiasts working for enthusiasts on a volounteer basis giving our time freely and of our own choice, assisting promotion of the show through the use of our publicity skills.

What Do We Do?

Where and when possible, we assist in promoting the annual show on as many platforms as possible, as often as possible in the months, weeks and days leading in to the show. We are also responsible for various aspects of artwork related to the show and promotion of the show.

Where do we assist in promoting the annual show?

We assist in promoting the annual show through a number of platforms and these include, but are not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the website, events platforms, word of mouth and through the use of A5 size flyers which contain the basic show details as well as details of our online resources, thus allowing the general public various methods of staying up-to-date with all the necessary details.

When do we assist in promoting the show?

We assist in promoting the show year-round with the intent of spreading the word as far and as wide as possible.

We assist in promoting the upcoming show from as early as possible in the year and continue assisting in promoting the show right up until the saturday of the show itself.

This not only promotes the show itself, but also what happens during the show.

Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds contain the latest updates.

Once the show is over, we maintain a web presence that allows potential future attendees the opportunity of accessing information from and about previous shows, as well as the upcoming annual show when that information is released.

Why do we assist in promoting the show?

We assist in promoting the show to bring more awareness that it exists to those members of the public that are not a part of the enthusiast movement, as well as to those that are.

This approach helps bring in greater visitor numbers and through this, word spreads further and wider hopefully compounding each year to bring more first-time visitors as well as return visitors who may choose to stay for the duration of the show by camping on-site.

In turn, we hope this will help to keep the show alive moving into the future so that tomorrows visitors and enthusiasts may experience the same enjoyment as the visitors and enthusiasts of yesterday.



The entire organisation of the show is carried out by volunteers, therefore no responsibility or liability for your own, nor any other person's goods or property can or will be accepted by those volunteers.

Further, no responsibility or liability for your own, nor any other person's safety can or will be accepted by those volunteers.

The PR team and the web admin team can not, shall not and will not be held responsible for any content of any website or other resource linked to from this website. The content of such resources is purely for informational purposes only. Any such resource that presents or displays potential or actual risk to our users will be immediately removed.

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