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Emberton Country Park

Site Guide & Map Page

We have included, below the site guide, an interactive Go-Ogle map. This can be used to view the local area or to plan your route to Emberton Country Park.

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There is No On-Site lighting at night.

It will be Pitch dark.

Bring torches, torches, torches oh, and yes, MORE TORCHES!.

Emberton Country Park Site Guide

Through the following series of photographs, you will note that a copy of the Emberton site map is included alongside.

This sitemap shows a "You Are Here" marker to pinpoint exactly where you are and give an idea of exactly where each set of photographs was taken.

The compass marker gives an indication of viewing direction.

To view the enlarged version of any photograph or image, click on it to enlarge it, then click on it again to shrink it.

The Gate House & Barrier Gate

It takes approximately 7 minutess from the M1 junction 14. Simply follow the signs for Wellingborough after turning on to the A509.

At the gate to Emberton Country Park there is a machine for day visitors to pay £5:50 by cash (no change given) or you can pay by touching your NFC payment card (Credit/Debit Card).

A ticket is produced from the machine with the Date & Time. This must be kept on top of your dashboard clearly visible through the windscreen at all times whilst on-site as a day visitor.

-..- -..-

For Those who have booked in, on arrival you will receive your "arrival pack" from a member of staff at the Gate-House.

The Arrival Pack contains a CPRF keyring fob that will work the entry barrier for the duration of your stay without limitation.

Leaving the site is easy as the exit barrier lifts automatically on detection of a vehicle.

There is a box to leave your keyring Fob when you finally leave.

Just Inside the Barrier Gate

This Photograph shows the route towards the cafe with the entry barrier directly behind you.

The roads are very well kept.


Heading into the Park Complex

The cafe is the first building you come to once you enter the site.

This has play areas, toilets, including disability toilets.

Cafe Prices are OK-ish, £2:20 for a posh coffee for example.

To View the Cafe Menu CLICK HERE



There is even has a scraper and a hose to wash your muddy boots.

Heading towards the T Junction

As you pass the cafe you come to a T junction which is clearly marked with an Arrow Board describing the direction to the Touring Field or the Rally Fields.

Turn Right for the rally event fields.


Also note all these dead end/No Through Road signs all over the place, these are in place because of a barrier acros the top of the circular road around the lakes just past the show fields.

The Toilet Block

Once you have turned right you next come to the toilet/shower block, which is located to the left side of the road.

The map picture is to show you where we are.
There is someone pointing at the toilet block on the map.


These are the nearest toilets to our field and are about as far as walking from Teal meadow toilets to the swimming pool at Billing.

At night it will be very dark but there is an automatic light that comes on as you approach.

The side you see from the road in the picture houses the toilets.
Gents to the left side, Ladies to the Right Side.

The Rally Fields

Drive on past the toilet block and you will arrive at the gate to the Large & Small Rally Fields. This gate is shared by the two Rally Fields. The Small Rally Field is to the left, the Large Rally Field is to the right.


The Large Rally field

As a reference point, which will help with the next set of pictures, the black wheelie bins are on the right, just inside the gate.

As you can see the Large Rally Field is a rectangular shape, narrow and long.
In these photographs, the river is to your left and the gate is to your right.



Halfway down the field, on the right (east side), is the water tap and a waste water disposal area.

This and the wheelie bins by the gate are the only facilities in the field.


Route into town for shops

Suitable for walkers and cyclists.

If you came out of the Rally Field Gate and turned left (heading North), on the parks circular road, you will cone to this little turn off to the left, heading North.

This will take you out to the A509.


Having taken the path in the above photograph out to the path alongside the road, we have now turned 180 degrees and are Facing South, looking at the barriers we just came through.


Turning back around, looking North, we can see that the Town of Olney is not too far away.

The two road pictures show you the path into town, which at this point is probably only 5-10 mins away on a bike, probably less.

It is flat with no hills. The path itself is marked as a cycle-path and pedestrian path.


Zooming in a little towards the bridge, it shows just how close Olney Really is. Definitely within walking or cycling distance and definitely provides a safe, quick route. Excellent if you need to acquire supplies over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Back in the Park Complex......

ATTENTION: The following is only possible on foot or bicycle.

If we had not taken the path into town but remained in the park and continued on, the road continues on and around and turns to heads South.

You soon arrive back at the main gate and from there, you can easily get back to the Rally Field.


To plan your journey to Emberton Country Park

To plan your journey to Emberton from your own location, simply click on the split arrow with the word "Directions" underneath it in the map window below.

This will open a new page of your browser showing the Go-ogle map, with the "directions" sidebar.

The "Directions" sidebar will be on the left side of the screen in the new page.

In that directions sidebar, simply enter your location (postcode) to get the required directions to Emberton Country Park.



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