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2024 Raleigh Chopper Show Information

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the MKIII Raleigh Chopper.

The Show is being held at Emberton Country Park:

Friday 31st May
Saturday 1st of June 2024

Emberton Country Park is located approximately 1 mile to the south of Olney and has camping and caravaning facilities on-site.

For those who have not been before you are most welcome to come along and join in a full weekend of Choppers and Musclebikes, fun, laughter and making new friends. This is a family friendly show and children are always welcome.

Booking information is the same as last year.

See the "Booking In" page for further information

Refer to the "Day Admission" details on our"Booking In" page for cost of entry on a "per day", "per vehicle" basis.

If you head over to the "Go-ogle Map". page on this website, you will be able to plan your route to Emberton Country Park with ease, thanks to a fully interactive Go-ogle Map.

If you head over to the "Site Guide". Page, you will be able to view the Emberton Country Park sitemap showing the facilities this venue has.

Most people who attend the show bring Tents/caravans/campervans and stay for a wonderful fun weekend, whilst others arrive earlier in the week and make a holiday of it.

Many family groups have a great time meeting old friends, making new friends looking at bikes, displaying their own collections or just relaxing over a cold drink and perhaps picking up a few items from other people attending.

There are many spares purchased and sold privately between individuals, so you can be sure of always finding something interesting.

A full list of events occurring throughout the show will be published each day and posted on a small billboard on the field.

Please note that there has been an update to the show 'n' shine entry details.

Those who own bicycles without a built in or bolt on stand will be REQUIRED to supply a stand themselves that will support the full weight of the bicycle safely and stop it from falling over or being easily knocked over. Failure to meet this requirement will mean refusal of entry to show 'n' shine.

This has been implimented to safeguard every bicycle entered into the arena area and to ensure safety for the Marshalls and Judges.



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